Project notes

You’re a UX writer at Clixflow, a WYSIWYG website builder that lets users drag and drop to create websites—no code required.


After signing up, the user is ready to start creating their first site. To help them get started, Clixflow wants to present users with a quick form that will customize the user’s experience and help them build the type of site they’re interested in.

To do

Help the user rename the folder and remove any friction along the way.

Current screen

None currently.

Rationale - Screen 1

Headline - Different workspaces for different faces.

• The task describes the desired main benefit of the form as a custom workspace, tailored to the individual filling out the form.

• Use of the plural "workspaces" communicates the flexibility of the software, showing immediately that diversity is valued and that teams of individuals have a home here.

• Workspaces and faces work together in alliterative unity.

Subheader - Website creation optimized in minutes. For real.

• It's important not to communicate that a WEBSITE can be built in minutes. That would be a disconnect from the value proposition mentioned in the headline.

• "Creation" is chosen over "building" as creation encompasses many disciplines, avoiding the technical connotations of "building"

• Optimized is a fairly technical term but one that I believe most people will comprehend.

• "For real" is a fun, conversational, emotional nudge to explore the process.

Primary CTA - Let's do this

Capitalize on the excitement, curiosity applied to all people through the inclusive language of the prior headline and sub-header.

Rationale - Screen 2