Project notes

Congratulations! It’s your first day on the job as a UX writer at EasyB, a growing fintech/neobank app that offers low commissions with a user-friendly interface. Now, they want their UI copy to match, and that’s where you come in.


Write 6 different mobile push notifications with mood matching to the appropriate tone: positive, neutral, and negative. Here are the 6 notification scenarios:




(About overdrafts at EasyB: Users can get an approved overdraft protection limit, for example, £100. This means that if their account balance falls below £0, they won’t be charged a fee. However, if the account balance falls below the approved overdraft protection limit, the user will be charged a fee.)

To do

In the last module, you wrote a form that collects data on how users intend to use the platform. Now, we’ll continue this flow and make a customized empty state based on the users’ answers.

Current screen

None currently

Design & Rationale


Visual design rationale: Use of icon and left-to-right reading pattern to minimize cognitive load to read the subject text. Visual space ensures attention lapse of recency principle aligns information input with psychological tendencies of reading.

Slight indent helps reader into main notification, using bold to communicate which screen will appear until the tap of the notification.

Scenario 1:

Subject text: The hard work has paid off! (Uses curiosity to move user to main body copy)

Notification text: Behold your new Account Balance!

Rationale: Phrases like "paid off" and "behold" create a positive and energetic tone while emoji's pair with vague copy to create curiosity and encourage a tap

Scenario 2:

Subject text: Best. News. Ever...

Notification text: Your Loan Application has been updated!

Rationale: Use of "best," along with ellipsis to move reader to main text in a similar fashion as above. Direct language with celebratory emoji's while not disclosing the decision serves to create curiosity of loan application status.