Current screen

Project notes

You’ve been hired as a UX writer by Pace, a goal-tracking sports app. The app lets users set goals, track their progress, rate their workouts, and more. Your first task is to improve/rewrite/redesign the user onboarding process.

Scenario #1

By the end of onboarding, users should have:

To do

Analyze the journey and think about ways to improve the onboarding process. Create new onboarding screens (mobile app).

Design & Rationale

Screen 1: The user has just entered their birthdate and biological sex. The current screen asks for even more personal information, while providing no helpful information and no increase in energy.

State of Mind: Curious, cautious after entering personal information, questioning whether the app is for them.

Goals: Understand what the app will do and how the process will work.

Pace Screen 1 Rewrite.png