Project notes

You’re a UX writer at WingScanner, a new low-cost airline. They’ve just developed a new feature where customers can pay an extra $20 to use special security lanes and skip long lines at security.


Turn the designer’s copy into a well written and well-designed screen that appears right before the user gets to the checkout.

Feature requirement

Points to consider

To do

• Rewrite the copy that the designer has written to better communicate the value of the add-on product.

• Name the add-on product.

• Redesign the screen itself.

Current screen




Incorporates the WingScanner brand name into the add-on product.

Uses the "wing" concept as an extension away from the Main body.

"Pass" communicates an additional privilege gained.

Add WingPass and get to your gate...sooner.

Without any information on whether WingPass is a one-time deal or a "club" to join, the action verb in front of the product title remains crucial. While "get" creates alliteration with "gate," it suggests a more permanent commitment. To avoid the user fearing overcommitment to something without knowing the nature of the pass, "add" feels much more temporary and for this reason, is chosen.

The stress of "getting to the gate," is well-known in the flight world. Presuming "Gate" is used prior in the interaction, "sooner" communicates the additional time to feel the peace of having arrived at the gate on-time.

•Skip long security lines

• Access WingPass-only lanes

• Worry less, relax more...add WingPass for just $20 more.

• Mentions main benefit of the add-on • Answers immediate question of "How does it work?" with a slight change in verbiage to show benefit differentiation ("lines" = slow & long, "lanes" = fast & easy) • Lead into added cost with an emotional benefit related to choosing the product.

Add WingPass

Restates headline copy in a way that communicates an additional product being offered without a longer-term commitment.

Maybe next time.

Current copy shames the user for choosing against the add-on. Revised copy keeps the door open for future success without any negative emotions created.

Design #1